Job Category: Sales

Division: Sales

Requirements / Qualifications

• Practical experience using the Web to execute marketing campaigns online, preferably with experience managing a network of online Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sites.

• Possess a personal passion for marketing, customer relationship marketing (CRM), and technology on the Web.

• Be able to effectively drive cross-group communication and cooperation, while demonstrating strong collaborative skills, including the ability to work with international partners.

• Excel in marketing measurement, with the ability to successfully recommend best practices to marketers using data as objective “selling” points.

• Strong written and oral communication. Ability to organize chain-of-command communications as well as to manage communication in crisis mode.

• Strong organizational skills, including the ability to rationalize and prioritize business goals.

• Some management skill or experience, vendor management a plus.

• Goal setting and monitoring, communications skills (written and oral and presentational).


• Impact and Influence

• Interpersonal Awareness

• Confidence

• Customer Insight

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