Welcome to Impro net!

Impro net is an international company in the business of buying and selling networking equipment, offering service includes repairing, hardware replacement, design and optimization, and troubleshooting, System integration etc.

We specialize in both new and refurbished networking and technology equipment from Juniper, Cisco, HP, IBM, and H3C etc. Our new and refurbished alternatives help customers maintain the highest quality performance while controlling their operational costs.

Network Craze also can provide the service include repairing, hardware replacement, design and optimization, and troubleshooting. System integration etc. We understand technology, but more importantly how it solves real world business problems. At Impro net products are not just a part number, they are a solution to your problem. Our experts listen and solve your problems, not the manufacture's. Our goal is to provide you with the best solution, service, and support. Making your job a little easier, and your life a little less stressful.

Every day we hear the outcry of IT departments trying to do more with less. Customers come to us because we listen to their goals and tailor solutions to fit their needs.

Your satisfaction is our most achievement! Give us a try!!!